About Maria

Who am I?

Committed voice technician and voice cross over-training specialist.  I split my time between my employment at Balettakademien Gothenburg where I train adult professional musical theater artist in a conservatory setting during their 3-year education program. I train them to sing well in a field that requires a flexible, solid and versatile vocal technique to make sure they can survive the rigors of professional stage life.

I also own and run a large voice studio that caters to professional opera singers and musical theatre artists as well as continuing education for professional voice teachers, rehabilitation work for singers after their work with their Ear,Nose and Throat doctor and speech language pathologists when the singing voice is still unfunctionable, and the committed amateur singers and choirs wanting my type of voice training and expertise. I have a Master's Degree in Voice Pedagogy with a minor concentration in speech language pathologies from the University of North Texas. I have years of continuing education with world renown teachers such as David L Jones and Jeanie LoVetri as well as training in Spain with Carmen Bustamante and Francesca Roig ( and many other teachers). I am also trained as an actor and stand-up comedienne and have a Bachelor's degree in Business Economics and World Politics from Uppsala University in Sweden. 

My commitment to train and help singers reach their best and full potential comes from my own frustrating experience of knowing there is a great vocal instrument that is not "coming out" as expected by teachers and myself. Not until I met the only teacher that actually listened to MY voice and the specific shifts that occurred was I guided to the right vocal fach for me. I have the ability to sing in the soprano range which fooled most teachers (and still does) but the real beauty of the voice is revealed "in the middle" where most other female voices are weaker and with less power and shine. My personal journey guides me in all the things I do to help and guide singers with a gentle and firm hand. I know the function of the voice and I listen very closely to what I can hear going on in the instrument as well as observe what is going on with the physical in the face, throat and body.  My goal is to serve the singer in front of me to my very best ability.